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Alon Sandak


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Our Upcoming Shows


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March 26

Mike’s Place, Tel Aviv

May 12

July 1

Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

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Home: Music
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The Inspiring Sound of URBANIM

Journey through Music

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About the Band

“Influence is timeless. And like any good scotch, it’s getting better with time…, fuck, it has to!”

(one urban guy, somewhere, sometime)

Urbanim is a provincial Rock band established by its three founding members (Amit, Alon & Raviv),  carefully selected late bloomers, beer-belly masters, new age survivors, experience-based time spenders,  ~274% musicians in blood and heart, sharing a vision to bring Rock back to the center.

Urbanim is characterized by somewhat of a nostalgic sound, blended with up-to-date  concepts of social, philosophical and personal thoughts and experiences, all bottled in a premium package of lyrics and music to provide a unique taste of the Urban life and the aftertaste of their hidden colors.

Urbanim is proven to be helpful both at times of happiness and despair and best served with a fair amount of booze and a spouse to share a night with

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